BPS-Hub is dedicated to By‐Product Synergy and the US BCSD’s growing network of BPS projects. BPS is the matching of wastes and under-valued resources at one facility with potential users at another – the results include reductions in operating costs, improved environmental performance, increases in energy efficiency, reductions in CO2 emissions, and job creation and retention. The US BCSD’s approach to BPS results in quantifiable economic, environmental and societal benefits for not only the participating companies and organizations but also the communities in which the project located.

Houston By-Product Synergy Project Wraps Up Successful Year 2

The 4th and final meeting of Year 2 for the Houston By-Product Synergy project took place on...

City of Chicago Restarts Waste to Profit Network

The City of Chicago recently announced that it has issued a grant to the US BCSD for the re-launch..

Energy-Efficiency Approach Cuts Costs, Creates Jobs, and Helps Environment

Companies could save millions of dollars in energy costs under an innovative strategy unveiled by a

MORPC Announces the ME3 Program

COLUMBUS, OHIO  - The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission announces a unique program that can sav